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1 - THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, Sima Zureikat (Jordan)

This work explores the relationship between both private and public life and internal and external realities.


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2 - VITAL, Evgenija Demnievska (Serbia)

CREDITS : Memed Nuredinoski, Daniel Popeski, Radisa Kostic

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3 - RENDEZ-VOUS, Elena Arzuffi (Italy)

Every moment is only one. Life is here and now. We always are waiting for a rendezvous with new chanche.


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4 - INSIDE OUTSIDE, Samirah Alkassim (Palestinian Territories)

I was observing the movement of the leaves and other forms of life in the orchestra of noise from my balcony in Cairo, in the past.


The plants, the wind, the traffic, the cat, the young men who park the cars in the neighborhood

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5 - WORLD INFOSCAPE, Kamila B. Richter (Czech Republic)

Animation World InfoScape constructs a landscape from animated statistical information gained from the gapminder.org and the earthobservatory.nasa.gov/GlobalMaps/. Ground of the InfoScape grows out of the CO2 emissions and the SO2 emissions data, sky lives from the internet users and the mobile phones data. The connecting layer between the ground and the sky is fed by the life expectancy and the urban population data. The InfoScape is shadowed by the flock of bats arising from the Land Surface Temperature data.

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6 - STEPPING, van Breest Smallenburg (the Netherlands)

Stepping and moving

CREDITS : Niek, Sophie, Julia


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7 - BACK TO WHITE 98, Aki Nakazawa (Japan)

As my grandmother gets older year by year, her time goes back through 98 years to her white origin with becoming more childlike-innocent and vivid.


Appearing: Junko Nakazawa, Rinka Yoshida, Lili Ohtani

Direction, photography, edit, sound by Aki Nakazawa


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8 - THE DOUBT, Véronique Sapin (France)

Imagination helped men compensate for their ignorance and master their fears. When a single person's imagination becomes the reality of a multitude of other persons, doubt is the only obstacle to indoctrination.

Thanks to Adrien, Estelle, Mahault, Maxence, Maylis, Ysaure, Ameiie


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9 - LINE, Raquel Kogan/Lea van Steen (Brazil)

People taking number passwords one after another, like an endless time line

CREDITS : Sound : jukebox



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10 - FIRMINO'S HOUSE, Ana Bezelga (Portugal)

Firmino goes back to the place where his house was demolished in 2002, under the Re-housing Programme (PER) created in the nineties to eradicate informal settlements known as "bairros de barracas" in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Oporto.

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11 - VITAL, Najmun Nahar Keya (Bangladesh)

My existences are essential for my world.

CREDITS : Shimul Saha

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12 - WING…WING, Aliaa El-Gready (Egypt)

How a being discovers his vitality in the different stages through the journey of life.


Aliaa El-Gready (Painted)

Basem El-Torky (animation and music)

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13 - MURDOCH AT 80, Esther Johson (UK)

The patterns, colours and shapes of text and form are animated in this one-minute piece that directly transfers to 16mm film, a one-page newspaper article discussing the globally powerful media mogul Rupert Murdoch in his 80th year.


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14 - ACQUA VITALE, C. M. Judge (USA)

Water beckons a wise man into its vital rhythms as it sustains, refreshes, reflects a mysterious and eternal beauty.

Special thanks to :

Fr. Bruce Williams, O. P.

James Turrell, House of Light

Atsushi Ogata

Toshio Kondo


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15 - I draw much more than I ought to draw because it brings me back you, Dorte Jelstrup (Denmark)

My video deals with the representation of the male nude in the classic medium of drawing and from the point of view of a "feminine gaze” of longing and desire. My video also deals with a prior loss of the desired male nude and points towards the feminine creativity and the formation of symbolic meaning in the act of drawing as a possible compensation for the loss.

CREDITS : Co-directors and Editor : Caroline Sascha Cogez / DoP : Sebastian Winterø

Gaffer : Jacob Østergaard / Music : Dorte Jelstrup and Jens Runge

Acknowledgments : Stage 7, UitchIscratch, Katja Phillip, Albert Elias Grøndahl, Timelines, Anders Sune Berg and The National Workshops for Arts and Crafts

Supported by : The Danish Arts Council


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16 - GAIA BREATHING, Sigrun Hardardottir (Iceland)

Gaia Breathing : A pulse. The constructive aspect of the creative forces of the earth.

Special thanks to:

Madelon Hooykaas

Halldora Bjarkadottir

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17 - VITAL - A VIDEO TO PAINT, Monica Dower (Mexico)

A subjective reflection about vitality.


Edition : Veronica Cuervo

Participación de Tatiana Zugazagoitia

Mérida, Yucatán, 2010.


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18 - I WOULD LIKE TO GO OUT OF MY BOX, Verena Schaukal (Germany)

The need to live and to exist is vital - but sometimes this is not enough.


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19 - TESTIMONY, Alejandra Delgado (Bolivia)

Editor : Paul Zelada

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20 - I WILL MEET YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE, Judith Lava (Austria)

The video”I will meet you on the other side” investigates the most essential topic in life that is to say death.


dedicated to Karin Sulimma


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21 - UNTITLED , Carolina Saquel (Chile)

Movement and cycles


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22 - TWO LETTERS FOR GODOT, Minoo Iran pour Mobarakeh (Iran)

Framework are define a kind of limitation and authority in this video. But the life is experienced outside.


Actors: Ahmad Raoufi, Asef khaninan,Sepideh Azadmehr


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23 - BREATHE, Christie Widiarto (Australia)

Nonvital elements are discarded as life is embraced with every breath.

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24 - L-O-V-E, Raya Mazigi (Lebanon)

Love is considered by psychologists as the most vital non-material need for human beings. In this video, a young boy tells us about it and about the determining vital factor in his choice for a sweetheart. This video is a reflection on the primal and instinctive nature of feelings and behaviors commonly associated with love.